Re: [Evolution] Default settings

On Mon, 2006-10-09 at 11:17 +0200, Karl wrote:
At the moment I am using Thunderbird as my preferred email program and 
so when I open Evolution I deny its request to become the default  on my 
set up (Ubuntu). But, when I do open Evolution I always find one or a 
few mails that have gone there instead of to Thunderbird and I can see 
no reason why these few should do that.......

You don't say much about your configuration, but this may help:

"Preferred email program" refers to the program you want to use to
*send* mail (e.g. by clicking on a "mail" button in a web browser). It
has nothing to do with reading mail. Any email client will read any mail
you receive, assuming they're configured correctly. If you're using POP
to download mail from your server, and have not set the "leave mail on
server" option, then the first client you use will suck the mail from
the server and store it in its local files, so other clients won't see

If you use IMAP rather than POP, this problem doesn't arise as all the
clients see the same set of messages on the server.


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