Re: [Evolution] Win32 port - Palm sync?

I'd be happy just to get Evolution to sync with my Palm on OpenSUSE 10.1. I cannot get gnome-pilot to work at 
all with a network sync and it crashes my TX when I try syncing via the USB cable.

I've all but given up on using Evolution for this reason.

---- Adrienne Travis <evolution to heliotrope neverbox com> wrote: 
Is there any way to get the Win32 port of Evolution to sync to Palm? I'm willing
to go to some trouble if anyone's got some kind of solution. (Currently, i just
get a message that "the gnome-pilot tools are not installed".)

Adrienne L. Travis

   Man will occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of the time
   he will pick himself up and continue.              -- Winston Churchill

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