Re: [Evolution] Evolution: how to check the incoming mails?

I just noticed the link I was pointing to some months ago does no longer
exist, so I thought I'd just update it for future reference:


On Mon, 2006-02-06 at 00:14 +0100, David Planella wrote:
On Sun, 2006-02-05 at 13:06 +0100, Alberto Zeni wrote:
I am using Linux Ubuntu 5.10 in dual boot with the native o.s. of my PC 
(Windows 98SE).
In order not to spread viruses I'd like to check the incoming mails, 
managed by Evolution.
I have, also, installed ClamAv antivirus along with its frontend ClamTk.
My Evolution version is 2.4.1. Does it have a built in support for 
ClamAv? Or, do I need to install another suitable software (amavisd-new ?)
Unfortunately my knowledge of such things is low, so, I'll be grateful 
to you if you give me a helping hand about the right procedure.
Best Regards,

Hi Alberto,

It is very easy. Have a look at :

This should tell you all you need to do in order to set up ClamAV to
scan for viruses on incoming mails. Note: where the example
says /bin/clamscan, you probably have to use /usr/bin/clamscan in
ubuntu. If not sure where your clamscan binary is installed, try:

whereis clamscan

To your questions:

* Evolution has got no builtin support for ClamAV, although ClamAV can
be used with Evolution.
* You do not ned to install any other software apart from ClamAV (not
even the ClamTk frontend, which in my experience is much slower than the
command line)


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