Re: [Evolution] Cannot choose server types, calendar doesn't work anymore


Am Freitag, den 10.11.2006, 16:41 +0100 schrieb Mezziah gmx net:
I'm using Ubuntu Linux 6.10 and it seems that I wrecked the whole
Evolution program.

First my problem was only the calendar. It kept saying that it can't
find a calender source, although I didn't change anything regarding

when did this occur? did you update to 6.10, or was this a "new"
installation? did you backup&restore any evolution data?

So I removed everything by hand what I could find and also removed
some settings using the gconf editor.

"what i could find" and "some settings" - can you be more verbose?

Now I only can choose Exchange as the "incoming server" for my mail
account, POP, IMAP and so on are suddenly gone, for both directions
(incoming and outgoing server). The calendar app keeps telling me that
there isn't a calendar when hitting the "new" button.


can you open two terminal windows, start evolution-data-server and
evolution, and post the output here?


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