Re: [Evolution] Evolution downloads POP3 inbox multiple times

hi george,

Am Dienstag, den 14.11.2006, 11:13 -0500 schrieb George Reeke:
Dear List,
   I don't know what UIDL extensions are, but I do know that a while
back I had a problem with evolution hanging while downloading emails
from a POP3 server, and the workaround I found (and published on this
list) was to disable POP3 extensions.  Nobody ever answered my question
as to where I could find out what these mysterious extensions do or
whether I would want them some day.
   I also have Rus's problem of multiple downloads when leaving mail
on the server (which I do when traveling so I can download it to my
regular computer when I get home).  So my question for Andre is this:
is the UIDL you are talking about one of the extensions I have to
turn off to get my downloads to work at all?

UIDL is not an "extension" - i also don't know what evolution's
"extensions" are.
i know that evolution uses UIDL to provide the "leave mail on server"
option, also see .


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