Re: [Evolution] Background colours of tasks adapted to start dates

I am not sure that choosing the color with only one parameter is better. It may be appropriate for users that have numerous tasks to do in 1-2 days because they can check their tasks through the color associated to "due today" and "late". However for users that have numerous tasks spanning weeks it can be quite confusing. With the default color behaviors I have difficulties to see in a glance which tasks are ongoing and which ones are late.

Can anybody at least tell me if there is a way to change colors just based on "start date" rather than "due date"?


Duval SÃbastien, PhD
åçæååççæ - National Institute of Informatics (Tokyo)

On 11/2/06, Jeff Cai < Jeff Cai sun com> wrote:
It's better that an option can be chosen the color depends on start date
or due date.
On Thu, 2006-11-02 at 11:51 +0900, Sebastien Duval wrote:
> Good morning,
> I would like to modify the behaviour of the * task view *. By default
> background colours of a task depends on its due date ( e.g. dark blue if
> the due date is today, red if the due date is passed). Is it possible to
> have colours changed based on * start * dates?
> For example, if a task starts on November 10th and is due by November
> 19th, can Evolution display a dark blue background from November 10th to
> November 19th, then (as usual) red from November 20th?
Sun Microsystem

Jeff Cai

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