Re: [Evolution] Email addressing

On Wed, 2006-11-01 at 10:58 +1300, Professor Wagstaff wrote:
Is there an easy way to put a address in the "To" column when addressing
an email? When i press the "TO" button i get my address book(Personal)
then i have change the category from "Anniversary" to "Any category" to
get an address list to add to the "To" column. Suppose i have missed

Rats.  I'm seeing this behavior too, and I think it may be my fault.
Can you check whether a categories.xml file exists in your ~/.evolution
directory?  If it does, it means you're using the patch in:

In item 3 I mention that that patch now sorts the categories.  My guess
is the category selection widget probably just defaults to whatever
comes first in the list.  The first item used to be "Any Category", but
now that they're sorted the first item item is "Anniversary".

Matthew Barnes

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