Re: [Evolution] open in gnumeric does not appear for csv attachment

On Wed, 2006-05-17 at 07:08 +0530, Ritesh Khadgaray wrote:
csv attachment shows up only as "View Inline", or "Save to".
In nautilus, Gnumeric shows up correctly, for Open With.

Not particularly sure if this is the case here, but similar questions do
come up every now and then.

The problem is, that we may have differing MIME types here. Nautilus
knows about the MIME type as detected by *your* system. And every app
part of your Desktop knows which MIME types it can handle and defines
this by the .desktop files. Nautilus (and Evolution) does know about
this as well, so both can offer the apps which are capable of dealing
with that data.

However, we do not necessarily have the same information as Nautilus has
(sniffing the MIME type from the file on disk) when dealing with mail
attachments. The sender can set a MIME type, which is not known by your
system. This is what we have in the attachment case. Saving the
attachment, gnome-vfs will check that file, and may report a different
MIME type to Nautilus than the sender of that mail provided.

FWIW, I have come across this mostly WRT to MS Office documents in the

The solution is, to add the MIME type that the sender used to the list
of MIME types your apps are capable of. Nautilus should be able to do
this sort of magic -- I almost always edit my personal .desktop files
manually. ;-)

The fact that you are offered to view that attachment inline may support
this. Probably being sent as some plain text type. You should have a
look at the MIME types as mentioned in the mail for the attachment and
as reported by Nautilus. HTH


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