Re: [Evolution] Strange bug when dragging mails between folders

On Wed, 2006-04-26 at 00:07 +0200, Oystein Gisnas wrote:
tir, 25,.04.2006 kl. 21.05 +0200, skrev Jerome Warnier:
Is there something I missed or is this a bug, which is should report?

There is a similar bug report. Can you check if has the same
characteristics as your problem. In particular, do you have this problem
when you move one message in an idle system? I can reproduce this myself
when two drag-and-drop actions overlap (a DnD action sends it last
signal when the action is completed).

I've been looking into this earlier today, actually, but the evo DnD
code is new for me, so I have to read up a bit more on the topic. I'm
interested in knowing if non-Debian users can reproduce this, and also
if someone can help out on fixing it.


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I also have this problem is this officially in Evolution's bug database
or just debian? I'm using Evolution 2.4.1 - ubuntu breezy.

It's difficult to reproduce but if you get the timing perfectly you can
do it. I'm not sure if this is a GTK/DND or Evo bug. I'll help in fixing
if I can reproduce. I'll attach to the process and get some bt info;
then add onto the deb ticket. 

Christopher Warner <cwarner kernelcode com>

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