Re: [Evolution] Where does Evolution stores User name and Password

This depends on the component you are asking about...

for the Mailer component (as opposed to Calendar and Contacts
components, for example), you can find the user name in the URI in
the /apps/evolution/mail/accounts gconf key which is a list of xml
strings (each xml blob represents an account which has things like
send/recv URIs for imap/pop/smtp/whatever)

The passwords are keyed off those URIs in ~/.gnome2_private/Evolution,
base64 encoded.


On Mon, 2006-06-19 at 19:30 +0530, neelu_dhiman persistent co in wrote:
Hi all,

Can you please tell me where Evolution stores the user name
and the password of the user (who has Evolution account
configured). I want to retrieve the User name and Password
from Evolution. How can I do so? Can you please help me out?


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