Re: [Evolution] Delete after <n> days? Copy settings?

Hi Larry,

Am Montag, den 05.06.2006, 11:42 -0500 schrieb Dr. Lawrence M. Fox:
How do I transfer my Evolution settings from one computer to another? I
tried copying the entire .evolution folder, but the filters and account
settings didn't transfer. I got some sort of XML error.

Evolution stores your data in
, your account settings in
and your passwords in
SSL Certificates are stored in

Now how to transfer all Evolution data between computers/to a new
partition/to a new computer:

Make sure you haven't started Evolution on the new computer/new
partition yet.
First of all, shut Evolution and its background processes (Evolution
Data Server, Evolution Alarm Notify) completely down by using
        evolution --force-shutdown
Then copy the contents of
to the new machine.
Then dump your Evolution settings stored in GConf by running
        gconftool-2 --dump /apps/evolution > some-file.xml
is the name of the file the information is written to.
On the new computer, make sure you are not running gconf, for example by
        ps ax | grep gconf
, you normally have to leave gnome for that and then run
        gconftool-2 --shutdown
Then import those settings by running
        gconftool-2 --load some-file.xml
and log in to gnome again.

Also, is it possible to configure Evolution to delete read mail after xx
days? It's a PITA to have to go to webmail every few days to delete from
my inbox, but I look at mail (through Evolution) on 2 different
machines. Outlook and T-Bird have this capability.

This is filed as , feel
free to CC yourself on that bug, as Shres is currently working on this
(as far as i know). If you compile Evolution yourself, apply the patch
that at comment #38.

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