Re: [Evolution] calendar publication

On Fri, 2006-01-27 at 00:31 +0100, guenther wrote:
I don't understand how do I publish my calendar by the net.

In calendar tabs, I've clicked on "Actions>Publier l'information
libre/occupÃ" (I'm in french...) and nothing appears...
Launch evolution from terminal. When you click on 'Actions ->Publish
Calendar Information', check any specific warning/error message is
displayed in terminal 

Publish Free/Busy Information? Please note, that I do not speak French,
though... ;)

You can publish calendar events as well in 2.5.x 

In preferences, I don't know what must I put in field "path" ? Is a
local path ? or a web path ?

It is web path
In french, it's write "emplacement" instead of "path" :-)

Could you help me please ?
In fact, I want to periodically have my "home.ics" file into a web
server throw FTP protocol.

Publishing Free/Busy Information does not push your entire calendar,
AFAIK, but free/busy information only. Thus the resulting ics file
merely mentions, whether you do have an appointment or not.


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