Re: [Evolution] Restore deleted address book

This is probably an old question, but I can't find it in the archives:
Attempting to fix some other problem, I wiped out a user's .evolution
directory and started them off fresh except for restoring their
mail folders.  Other problem solved, but address book gone.
I have a full backup of everything on the machine.
What files do I need to restore to get just the address book
(contact list) back without changing anything else?

Please see my generic recovery steps for Address Books:

Since you still use the old settings stored in GConf: Did you have
multiple Address Books? If you did, they still point somewhere, possibly
recreated those dirs (though I am not sure about this) and you could use
these dirs directly. But then it sounds like you got one Address Book
only anyway...

If there are any stray Address Books or if you get furthers issues using
the steps explained in the archived post above, feel free to ask,
explaining the issues in detail. :)


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