Re: [Evolution] Thank-you al for Upgrade without losing mail: is there a HOWTO?

Thank-you Guenther, Lee, Mindy.

My crack at a HOWTO for a "New Installation" or new partitioning:

Here is what I did, and maybe this is simple enough for other
lightweights like me:

1.  Added a disk and created a new partition /export. 

2.  Formatted that partition with ext3, since have never had any
difficulty with mounting ext3 on a new install, and have had "cannot
mount" in reiserfs when SuSE changed versions.

3. Set permissions for me.

4. Created a folder (distro_version_Home).

5. Copied into this folder with the -P switch:  .gconf, .evolution,
Documents, other folders and files I wanted to keep in the new install.

6. Executed the new installation with new partitioning.

7. Performed the first, very long, On-Line Update.

8. Using the graphical file manager, copied .evolution
and .gconf/app/evolution from /export/(%distro%/%version% to /home/%
username%/.evolution and from /export/(%distro%/%version% to /home/%

Everything came over intact:  mail, contacts, calendar.

Thank-you, eeryone

On Thu, 2006-01-12 at 00:21 +0100, guenther wrote:
It should Just Work.  Make sure to back up your .evolution directory

Note: This is *not* sufficient, as has been posted here many times.
You'll need at least these dirs:


But the .gconf directory only stores preferences that can easily be
restored.  All of the data that the OP wants to preserve (inbox, mail
folders, contacts) is in .evolution.

No, the settings in GConf are not necessarily restored (as in "manually
set up again") easily. Please have a close look at what settings really
are stored in there [1]. There are a few settings that potentially are
hard to recreate without internal knowledge.

Besides this should just work, right?  It would be a grave bug if an
upgrade destroyed any of this data.

IF you happen to use the same $HOME, or at least restore the mentioned
dirs from a backup *before* starting to use Evo -- Yes, upgrading just
will work. Unfortunately most people seem to not use a dedicated
partition for /home and fail to restore their $HOME *before* running
every single app on the new distro... (when installing fresh)

Hope the above is sufficiently detailed for Melissa to upgrade her
distro smoothly. I'm tired and have been abused as a help line half the

FWIW: If Melissa is going to *upgrade* the distro as she wrote
initially, she won't overwrite her $HOME in either case. An *upgrade* is
not the same as a *fresh* install... :)


[1] 'gconf-editor' is your friend.

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