[Evolution] Palms and Evolution

Anyone have some links or advice in getting evolution to sync with a
palm? I have had some luck with kpilot already, and hoping they get out
kitchensync soon.  Until then, gnomepilot and how to get evolution to
sync with kpilot and my palm are kind of confusing me.  The links I can
find on the 'net are either outdated or assume you already know how to
work the things.  I know how to work kpilot now, but could you send
along advice on how to get it to work with evolution, please?

Along the same note, the contact and email client that ships with Palm
isn't as functional as the one for Evolution contacts.  I don't plan on
using it for email, just to sync the contacts.  Does anyone know of a
third party client or contact app for Palms that syncs with Evolution? I
like how Evolution has an anniversary spot.

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