Re: [Evolution] Question about Purge

I posted question about purge and multiple calendars at

which was subsequently turned into a bug report at


In short, purge seems to work on all calendars, not just active ones.
Although I've checked and there's no activity on the bug report, in the
interim, I've upgraded evolution to version and set up an
exchange account on a remote machine.  I have to purge the calendar on
the exchange account, something I can't seem to do with the outlook web
access client I have to use, and so decided to try evolution's purge
(after backing up .evolution).  

I deactivated all the the evolution calendar and ran purge .There's some
bad and some bad news:

1.  purge didn't work on the exchange calendar.

2.  evolution hung.

But the good news is that my other calendars were untouched (probably
due to #2).


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