Re: [Evolution] Building from tgz file

    You need to install evolution-data-server- which would
provide camel-provider 1.2. You can get it from

thanks, chenthill.

On Tue, 2006-02-07 at 17:23 -0500, Peter N. Spotts wrote:

I have this perverse desire to install software from source files
whenever possible. Thus, I've tried to install the latest version of
evolution on my SuSE 10.0 laptop. Unfortunately, when I configure, the
routine stalls and tells me camel-provider 1.2 isn't installed. It is,
so I use export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/~ to point the configure script to the
right directory for the lib file. I run the configure script again, and
this time it stalls, saying I don't have gnome-icon-theme -- which I do.
So I point the configure script to that, and it stalls again on
camel-provider. Which leads me to conclude I can point to only one
altered config path for each time I run the configure script. Is there
some way around this? I've never run into this before -- usually, I've
only come up with one "you don't have this software" message. So it's
been easy to deal with.

With best regards,

Pete Spotts

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