Re: [Evolution] Moving Evo from one HDD to another

On Sun, 2006-12-03 at 23:58 +1100, Andrew Greig wrote: 
I have tried to get my .evolution file to the new drive

The only thing that I've ever found that's reliable is to Log Out of
GNOME, and then from a console vt run rsync to push my entire home
directory from one box to the other. Anything short of that missed
settings and worse would corrupt your address book because
evolution-data-server hadn't safely close down.

I actually use this quite successfully presently to pass my environment
between desktop and laptop. Of course, there's the restriction that I
only use one at a time, but hey. If I'm moving to my laptop it's cause
I'm going out/abroad/whatever, so it doesn't matter.

Script with the rsync command line attached in case anyone is


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