Re: [Evolution] delete evolution and .evolution folders

hi don,

Am Sonntag, den 20.08.2006, 18:02 -0400 schrieb Don M Levin:
I read that deleting the evolution and .evolution folders may fix
error messages that appear every time I run evolution.  If I delete
these folders, will evolution create new ones, or will it fail to run?

sounds like "i read that the demolition of my house will fix the problem
that my front door does not close anymore." to me. where did you read

the folder ~/evolution was used until version 1.4.x to store most of all
evolution settings and data.

since 2.0.x, evolution stores your data in
your account settings in
and your passwords in

so removing ~/.evolution it *may* fix your problems, but it will also
definitely remove all your email, calendar data, contacts, tasks and

interested in posting your error messages here? perhaps we can help. :-)


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