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hi thomas,

Am Mittwoch, den 23.08.2006, 14:28 +0200 schrieb Thomas VoÃ:
So, here is the essence of their ideas/concerns regarding Evolution:

    [1.1] Default Icon View - Just presenting the icons representing the
individual folders (tagged with their name and the number of unread
messages enclosed in parentheses) of _one_ mailbox to the user and make
the different mailboxes accessible by a drop-down box.  This view is
quite similar to the one provided by Apple.Mail.

it would just take two clicks instead of one to get to a folder if that
folder is not in the same account, and i myself don't like that thought.
anyway, perhaps i just don't use nautilus often enough... :-)

Once the user is familiar with file-browsing, she/he will be able to
read/manage her/his mail in quite the same way. Furthermore it might be
useful to make the folder-view collapsable as most (non-geek:-)) users
maintain just one inbox. Collapsing the view saves screen estate.

hmm... i don't get this, what is *not* collapsible currently, what are
you missing?

[message list pane:]
One interesting  idea was the ability  to display a
small  popup on mouse-over containing the first few lines of a message
(of course it should be possible to switch this feature off).

if i remember correctly, this feature has been already requested in . i second this, would be pretty nice.


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