Re: [Evolution] Graphics display and error messages

Hi Andre,

If you get an error popup like:
"Error while Expunging folder. Error storing
`~/.evolution/mail/local/Inbox (mbox)': Summary and folder mismatch,
even after a sync.", try removing the corresponding file with the file
ending ".ev-summary", in this example you should remove the file

for your interest, this bug is filed as

  this is a really ancient bug. It's been in existance since 2001.
In my (maybe not so humble) opinion, mailbox (being MH or Mbox)
integrity has top-priority. Followed by reliability. Top-speed and
lowest possible memory footprint don't have a high priority. They're
things one address during the finalising state of a release.

My 0,20 Euro (inflation correction), cu l8r, Edgar.
       (o o)                                           Just curious...

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