[Evolution] can't move mail from vfolder to imap folder

Hi all,

I just tried evolution on windows... nice!

Anyway, I have a slight problem: I have a vfolder showing certain mails
from my imap account.  Basically I only ever really read emails in this
vfolder, and not in my imap inbox.

Now, when I try and move emails from the vfolder, (whose real location
is my imap inbox, or other imap folders), to another imap folder on the
same account, I get this message:

Error while Moving messages into folder INBOX/blah
Cannot append message to folder 'INBOX/blah': Bad command

When I select the imap inbox, and then move the messages to "blah", it
silently works.

I searched on google but found nothing the same.

Any ideas?  thanks!
Iain Buchanan <iaindb at netspace dot net dot au>

There's no such thing as an original sin.
                -- Elvis Costello

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