Re: [Evolution] Too many files open error


I agree that it sounds very weird but I tried restarting Evo several times and the same error every time.....



Daniel Gryniewicz wrote:
On Sat, 2006-08-19 at 10:00 -0700, Patrick Topping wrote:

I was able to resolve the issue.   What I did was most likely more of
a fluke than anything....

I moved .evolution to evolution_orig and then started evolution.  It
created a new .evolution and started up with the basic folders, etc.
I then closed out the application and did the following:

1) removed .evolution
2) moved evoltuion_orig to .evolution
3) restarted evolution

Since I did that the mail program has been running fine.  Actually it
is better than fine. It is really smoking fast now.  Not sure what I
cleared, deleted, or released but it fixed it.  Thoughts?



This seems unlikely to me to have actually fixed the problem.  For me,
merely restarting Evo gets it working again.  The problem is
intermittent (I run my evo for days at a time), but it does happen
semi-regularly to me.  My best guess is that Evo just leaks file
descriptors under some circumstance that is related to uptime, but not
necessarily directly related.



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