[Evolution] user profile


I'm puzzled about the evolution user profile, which contains all my
precious personal data:
It's not possible to move the profile in .evolution and
.gnome/something.. to another machine, whenever I change PC, or when I
get a new one which has a new hostname.
In the debian sarge version it seems that the directories inside the
profile are named similar to:
.evolution/addressbook/local/123456789 1234 12 $HOSTNAME

So, how can I bring my old evolution profile to my new notebook without
starting from scrap? and looking for the right calender and other files
somewhere in the profile jungle?
I think there should also be an option to store&backup a profile
(configuration only / full data backup) so that it can be saved
somewhere else.

Searching for info about this matter several times I couldn't find any
useful information, so I'd be happy to hear, how you would do that.

best regards,
eric poscher

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