Re: [Evolution] Evolution features

hi ben,

Am Sonntag, den 18.09.2005, 13:59 +0100 schrieb Benjamin A'Lee:
A couple of questions:

harharrrrr, only two! ;-)

a) Is it possible to disable the sig-dashes ("-- ")?  I could do this in
Mutt, meaning I could put my name in the sig, followed by the dashes,
followed by the actual signature part of it.

i guess it's not possible with "normal" signatures, but i imagine that
it could be possible by using a script as signature (though that would
be an ugly hack) because scripts do not automatically have an "-- " at
the beginning - please check the archives for that.

b) Is it possible to make Evolution reply to messages from a mailing
list using a certain address by default?  I use lists benalee co uk for
lists, but keep forgetting to select the address in the compose window,
so I get "Non-member posting to a members-only list" and similar errors.

no, but it's filed as ,
feel free to add comments. :-/


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