[Evolution] Question/Bug in Evolution?

I've just started using evolution on a slackware-10.1/freerock
gnome-current box (currently Evolution-2.4.0) and have encountered a
problem with word attachments.  Evolution correctly identifies them, but
doesn't seem to have abiword correctly set up as the correct mime type.
I've added 

                    application/msword; abiword '%s'

to my .mailcap file and 
                         application/msword doc

to my .mime.types file, but this didn't help.  Oddly, other attachments 
seem to work fine (e.g., a MS Excel spreadsheet gave me the option of
opening it with gnumeric), but with MS word files all I can do is save
them to disk.

This might simply be a difference in the way gnome handles mime, but if
so, I need a hint as to what to do.


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