Re: [Evolution] Keeping states

In Evolution 1.x, the folder-tree pane used to act like a notebook tab
and switching folders just created a new search/list/view widget, hide
the old one, and showed the new.

As you can imagine, this was the source of a lot of memory usage
(imagine a user opening 20 folders each with 100,000 messages in them,
each search/list/view widget for each of those 20 folders stays in
memory - ouch!)

In 2.x I changed it such that we reuse the same search/list/view widget
and just fed it new folder contents each time the user selected a
folder. This sped up redraw time and also reduced memory usage.

To do that, tho, I had to modify the search widget so that I could
get/set state on it (which gets saved to disk and so lasts between
sessions, unlike in 1.x).

I also tried to save state with the message-list, but that turned out to
be extremely difficult - partly due to the APIs of the list widget and
partly because its data can change since the last time the folder had
been viewed.

I don't think I saved state for the scroll position of the message,
though... shame on me.

Anyways, feel free to submit a bug - it should work better than it does,
I agree.


On Sun, 2005-10-23 at 10:24 +0200, FireWire BSD wrote:
  There was a very interesting feature i used to use in evolution 1.x
and i cannot find it in evolution 2.
This feature is to keep the state between folders, for example, i was in
a subfolder, reading an email and scrolled to the middle. Changing the
folder to a new one and launched a search and read the result. When i
come back to the first subfolder in version 1.x i used to be in the same
email, the same scroll position. Now in version 2.2 it's not the case. 
Is there any compiling option i have to add to get this comportement

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