[Evolution] How to stop Evolution from starting spamd?


I have spamd running as a service, and use procmail to pipe email to it
using spamc. I use an Evolution filter to filter mail based on the
spamassassin headers.

Occasionally spamassassin classifies an email incorrectly. I use the
Evolution Junk/Not Junk toolbar buttons to train spamassassin with these

The problem: when I use the Junk/Not Junk buttons, Evolution starts
another instance of spamd (as the user), leaving me with two instances
of spamd running (or more, if multiple users were to do this at the same
time). Since I have "Check incoming mail for junk" turned off, it seems
to me that Evolution should not start spamd.

Is there any way to be able to use the Junk/Not Junk buttons to send
messages to sa-learn without having spamd started?

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