Re: [Evolution] compile from source no exchange support

You need to have open_ldap installed for exchange support. You can set
the --with-openldap if u have it installed in some prefix.

thanks, Chenthill.

On Wed, 2005-11-30 at 09:24 -0800, Eliezer Ramm wrote:

I am trying to compile evolution-data-server-
from source.

at the end of the config i get a message 

evolution-data-server has been configured as follows:
        LDAP support:     no
        NNTP support:     yes
        Kerberos 4/5:     no/no
        SSL support:      yes (Mozilla NSS)
        SMIME support:    yes (Mozilla NSS)
        IPv6 support:     yes
        Exchange support: no
        Dot Locking:      yes
        File Locking:     fcntl
        Gtk Doc:          no

isn't exchange support the whole purpose ? what do i
need to do get exchange support ?


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