[Evolution] Viewing Message jumps to bottom right corner?

Hi all,

An interesting one! Using Evolution-2.4.1, Evolution-Exchange-2.4.1,
evolution-data-server- . Using Gnome 2.12.1

2 messages. None have attachments. One from a local Exchange user, the
other from outside the organisation.

If I view a message that has come from a local Exchange user, I click
on the message, and I can see the headers and the top of the message.

Let's call this "normal". It's what I'd expect.

If I view a message that hasn't come from Exchange (ie, from outside
the organisation), then clicking on the message makes it jump to the
bottom right hand corner of the message. I then need to scroll up to
the top to read it properly.

This is not what I'd expect.

Has anyone else come across this?


   -- M.

Michael-John Anthony <mjanthony at gmail dot com>

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