Re: [Evolution] Re: Saving embedded images

Already a bug is filed for this. #317823
This will be fixed in the 2.5 cycle.


On Sun, 2005-11-06 at 15:55 +0100, guenther wrote:
I believe this was mentioned as a bug some time ago, but I don't know if
anyone's doing something about it...all options for saving embedded
images from an email in Evolution have now been removed (for some
reason!) I get several comic digests and I like to save my favourites to
send to people or archive, and I have no way to do this, not even to
open them in a browser since the last change. Any ideas/is this being
looked at?

This works in Evo 2.2.x, so this obviously is a regression since 2.4.

Please file a bug report at and mention it's a
regression in the detailed description. Feel free to post the bug number
here. :)


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