Re: [Evolution] Config files

On 11/1/05, guenther <guenthe at rudersport dot de> wrote:
In trying to move to another machine, I copied the folders:


the folders are there, but the accounts did not copy. What am I
missing? Are there configs elsewhere?

These are the data and configuration necessary. However, you missed to
shut down the backends that operate on that data and settings, before
copying it.

Stopping e-d-s (backend server for data files in ~/.evolution):
$ evolution --force-shutdown

Stopping the GConf daemon:
$ gconftool-2 --shutdown

You need to stop both backends mentioned above *before* you are copying
the files manually to the target account. They will restart
automatically, if needed. Just start Evo, this will do.

It would be safe to care about both the daemons before copying the data
from the old account (in case of unsaved data), but this isn't an issue
in most cases anyway...

Thanks so much. I did 'killev' and also manually killed the e-d-s
processes I found, but I forgot gconf had its own daemon.

Thanks again.


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