Re: [Evolution] Automaticaly choosing identity

Hi Neilen, 

I'd just like to second this. For me it's mainly a mailing list thing,
since I use a different email address for mailing lists than for
personal mail (due to spam issues). It's OK when I reply to a list
message, since Evo picks up it was addressed to an alternate identity,
but when I post a new message I sometimes forget to change my identity,
and get confusing bounces from the mailing-list managers ;)

Yeah same thing used to happen to me in terms of sending out email to a
list or some such using a different account than I intended.  I have
figured out a way around that though that forces me to explicitly have
to choose which account to send email from. 

Create an account (identity) but a fake one that does not send email out
or receive it at all.  Fill in the email address as something like
noaddress noaddress noaddress   Make it your default account.  

Then create seperate accounts for each of your mailing lists.  Name them
after your lists.  So for example I have one called "Evolution List"
with appropriate Reply To: filled out with the list address.  Under the
receiving tabs choose None for Server Type.  Fill in the SMTP outgoing
server info so that this account can email out but not receive.  Disable
the account (which will prevent Evolution from using it when it checks
for email).  

Then create a couple or more accounts for your normal emailing with full
receiving and sending information.  

When you create a new email the default noaddress noaddress noaddress
email address shows up.  Since you cannot email out through it you will
not send an email accidentally to anyone out of the wrong account since
you will realize your mistake and be forced to select an email address
when you see your email remaining in the Outbox (I thiink Evolution also
warns you).  

And when you choose to use a real account you will easily see which
account to use because they will be named after each list that you are
subscribed to. 

I did all that when I started to get confused as to what address I had
subscribed to what list with.  


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