Re: [Evolution] Automaticaly choosing identity


On Wed, 2005-03-02 at 07:38 +0100, Cecil Westerhof wrote:
I have severall identities in Evolution. Could the default identity be
related to the receiver of the e-mail? Now I have one default. Most of
the times this is okay, but with severall receivers I always want to use
another identity and sometimes I forget to change it.

I'd just like to second this. For me it's mainly a mailing list thing,
since I use a different email address for mailing lists than for
personal mail (due to spam issues). It's OK when I reply to a list
message, since Evo picks up it was addressed to an alternate identity,
but when I post a new message I sometimes forget to change my identity,
and get confusing bounces from the mailing-list managers ;)


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