Re: [Evolution] Can junk mails be marked unread automatically

The workaround wont.

Junk is explictly marked read on purpose.  So those stupid 'unread
counts' work properly.

On Sat, 2005-06-04 at 17:19 +0200, guenther wrote:
I have a problem about the junk mail in evolution.  Since I have
enable junk mail detection, evolution would move the junk mails to
`Junk' after having received them.  The problem is, all these mails
would be marked read automatically.  Then I would have to look at the
`Junk' folder manually to see if there is any new but not junk mail. 
To my opinion, the detected junk mails should be marked unread so that
users would know there is new mail and decide to judge it by
themselves or not.  In fact, it is the default setting in many other
mail clients, such as thunderbird, and even gmail.  It is really very

The workaround mentioned by Brian really is a workaround only. This
should be default behavior and no user should have to set up a new
filter for this.

Please file a bug in Yeah, this time it's not a
feature request, personally I consider this a bug. :)


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