Re: [Evolution] why is reply-to not to the list?

On Fri, 2005-03-06 at 10:13 +0930, Iain Buchanan wrote:
That's because I specified a reply-to back to the list.

Ah, ok.

I agree, but I'm sure others will not. I think it would be nice to let
the user configure the default behaviour to be to the list, to the OP,
or both.

Perhaps, but many mail clients ask for a reply-to when you first set up
the account, and in this case users will forget to look at the reply-to
for lists, when it is filled in automatically for them by their

I was thinking about Evolution, not this list. I'd like Evolution to
always do a "reply to list" when I hit "reply". Put another way, instead
of having "reply" and "reply to list" commands, I'd like to have "reply"
and "reply to originator". 

My reasoning: for those lists that default to sending replies off-list,
I always forget to use reply-to-list. For those that default to sending
replies to the list, I always remember to check that I am sending off-
list when I so desire. Just the way my brain works... and I'd like Evo
to accommodate my brain! :-) 

I suppose there could be four options: always send to list, always send
off list, always send both ways, or use the default for the list (i.e.
whatever the list puts in the reply-to).

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