[Evolution] Transfering inbox and Addressbook data to a new Computer

        This topic seems to have been hashed up a number of times on the
list... My laptop harddrive went bad, and I got a new drive from the
manufacturer. I am trying to restore my old evolution addressbook from

        The Import seems quite ineffectual. When I point it to the old
~/.evolution/addressbook/local/system/addressbook.db , it replies "No
importer available for
file /home/erich/barrel/Laptop_backup/home/erich/.evolution/addressbook/local/system/addressbook.db"

        I read in another post, that I simply have to copy over the .evolution
directory from backup, on first program startup, everything is supposed
to update. This worked for all the mail directories except "inbox". Then
I read that I need to copy over my evolution settings from .gconf. I did
this (cp -R /backup/home/erich/.gconf/apps/evolution ~/) and I calendar
came over, along with 3 contacts (I have over 300). The tasks are
nowhere to be found.

        I am running evolution 2.2.3. my old hard drive ran Evo 2.0.x. 

Please help me... I need to know how to recover my..

1) inbox
2) Addressbook
3) tasks

thanks for any assistance,

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