Re: [Evolution] more ?s: delete attachments? *search* maillist archives?


Am Mittwoch, den 06.07.2005, 22:28 -0400 schrieb M. K.:
* Is there a way to search the evolution mailinglist archives? Doing so
manually is a real drag and very ineffective (can't search body,
obviously).  I didn't see any such functionality on the pipermail
archives listing...

the easiest way should be to google them with ""

* Is there a way to delete an attachment from within a received email,
but keep the rest of the email intact?  Google shows this has been in
great demand, even in 2003, but I haven't seen anything recent or any
suitable option in the menus...

right, there is an feature request about this at
<>, but nobody seems to
be working on it - i can only imagine that this code has to be
contributed since altering messages has been considered "evil" (to
quickly summarize it, if you're interested in the entire discussion
about it, check the archives - now you know how ;-).


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