Re: [Evolution] Hyperlinks

On Sat, 9 Jul 2005, Alan Wilcox wrote:
I've just begin using Evolution on Linux. Everything works great except
that I can't open hyperlinks contained in my email. I use Firefox (1.04)
as a browser, and I can't find anything in the internal instructions for
either Evolution or Firefox that will tell me how to make this
connection between the two programs. Any help?

That is a good question, which I guess depends a lot on which
distribution and desktop manager you are running. I had the same
problem and am running debian (currently trying with ubuntu)
and gnome.

For firefox (and mozilla) I have a shell script
(/usr/local/bin/firefox-remote) containing:
/usr/local/bin/firefox -remote "openurl($1,new-window)"

and in the gnome->System->Preferences->Preferred Applications
I have checked Web Browers, Custom where I've specified
/usr/local/bin/firefox-remote %s

That other default alternative Debian Sensible Brower I haven't

        Best regards
        Roland Orre

PS. below is out of not evolution related.

I had problems printing directly from Firefox/mozilla as well,
as I'm using cups and found no documenation about any stdin program
for cups so the printer is in firefox now specified as
cat >/tmp/; /home/orre/bin/lpx /tmp/
instead I think firefox should have an inteface like
lpprog %s
where lpprog could be my /home/orre/bin/lpx
as well as I think cups should have a simple standin interface.

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