[Evolution] Connector broken after upgrade to FC4

I have been using Evolution for some time. My main mailbox is on a
Exchange 2003 server. After upgrading to FC4 i.e. evolution-2.2.2 and
evolution-connector-2.2.2, I could apparently login to the Exchange OK
but things didn't work.

I deleted all my local evolution config etc and tried again. When
setting up the exchange account, I cannot get past the authentication

I updated to the FC4 testing 2.2.3 rpms and that made no difference.
I found, via Google, that I am out of luck and it is not going to work
as my username and mailbox are not the same. Is there a work around ? I
would prefer to use Evolution but at this stage, I am back to using
Outlook :-(

I ran things with debug on and it would appear that the authentication
succeeds as I get stuff back from Exchange but I never get the OK button
in the Wizard.

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