Re: [Evolution] Upgrade Evo 2.01 to ?

Well the process is simple.  Look at the dependencies required, fill
them.  Repeat until it works.

Or use red-carpet and it will do this menial task or you.

I enjoyed using Red Carpet with RH 7.1 and with SuSE 9.0 with XD2 until
it stopped posting updates (for Evo and everything else) for several
months. However, I thought that RC was defunct, at least for personal
users of SuSE.

Wouldn't surprise me, I dont have the time or interest to keep up with
whats going on in the linux world, i'm still using suse 9.1 ...

How do I use RC with SuSE 9.2? I can't find it in SuSE.

Maybe it has 'rug', which is the same thing from the command line.  I
guess all that wonderfully maintainable python gui code didn't cut it
afterall ... has rug, at /pub/redcarpet2/suse-91-i586

You need rcd + rug at least, and maybe some of the libraries.

(its interface is pretty crap but it works).

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