Re: [Evolution] Upgrade Evo 2.01 to ?

On Mon, 2005-07-04 at 14:50 -0500, Ron Johnson wrote:
On Mon, 2005-07-04 at 15:22 -0400, Kelly J. Morris wrote:
On Sun, 2005-07-03 at 01:21 +0200, Andre Klapper wrote:
Am Samstag, den 02.07.2005, 15:49 -0400 schrieb Kelly J. Morris:
Short of upgrading SuSE 9.2. to 9.3, what is the easiest way to upgrade
to on my desktop?

hi kelly,
i'd consider to use the latest release versions of a development cycle,
e.g. 2.0.4 instead of 2.0.1, and 2.2.3 instead of, because many
bugs have been fixed in the meantime (2.0.1 was very buggy if i remember

hmm. am also running suse9.2 here and i mostly download the *snapshots*
at <> and
install them by "rpm -Fhv *.rpm" on the command line (the "F" makes sure
that only those packages get installed that already were installed

I downloaded the rpm and tried to install it, but was unable to do so -
I got 7 or 8 "dependency" related error messages.

IMO, change distros.  Ubuntu if you want it all done for you, 
Debian if you want it a bit more DIY.

Thanks for the advice. I have Ubuntu 5.04 (in a dual boot with XP, that
I rarely use) on my laptop and I'm very pleased with it so far. I'm just
not ready to make the change yet, until I have seen it in action for a
few more months.

Kelly J. Morris <kjmlists comcast net>

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