[Evolution] Evolution1.4 syncs with Palm Tungsten E but Evolution 2.0 can't

I have Linspire 4.5, SuSE 9.2, and Windoze on my pc.  I can't sync my
Palm with Evolution 1.4 on Linspire without a hitch, but Evolution 2.0
in SuSE 9.2 chokes on ImgFile.Foto (I think that's the file name.). 
What is different about 1.4 that it will sync and 2.0 won't?

Quick background:  I have all of the conduits enabled in Evolution 2.0. 
I've also got the latest snapshot of it via Red carpet.  2.0 ends on the
same error from the version that comes stock on the SuSE DVDs through
every snapshot I've installed via Red Carpet.

Anyone know what might be the cause of this?  Can it be fixed?  Has it
been fixed and I just don't know it?

Thanks in advance


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