[Evolution] Synching Evo

Hi all,

I tried to r sync  a copy of evo 2.03 on my notebook to Evo on my
desktop using 
rsync -e ssh -av .evolution/ 192,168.0.16:home/andrew/.evolution

Everything looked like it was working eg sent 276170311 bytes received
98974 bytes

Both systems run Mandrake 10.1, both have a user by the name of andrew
both have userand group number for andrew of 501

One now has 418 items in contacts (target) and the notebook has 488
contacts.  The tasks appear identical, and mail seems to be a successful
sync.  Any ideas on why the contacts should be different?

And while on Contacts, the "Find Now" buton in Evo on my Notebook does
not work, but it works on Evo on my Desktop.

Any clues there?


Andrew Greig
Community Distributor, OpenOffice.org

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