Re: [Evolution] Misleading PGP/GPG signature message

On Thu, 2005-01-27 at 20:17 +1300, Russell Fulton wrote:
I feel the two states are: 
 1. Have key in keyring: This has three sub states:
   a. Good & the key is trusted
   b. Good but the key is *not* trusted (e.g. security updates where you
might not have a chain of trust to the signer)
   c. Bad 
 2. Unverifiable

Evo currently mentions 1a and 1b, but mixes up 1c and 2. It takes user
intervention (by clicking on the tab) to find out which one is which.

2 should give a grey bar with "Unverifiable" on it

I am sorry, but I didnt get what you are saying. :)

Are you saying "2 gives a grey bar now" and I have missed it (not
possible) *

Or are you saying that you agree that this feature should be added?

- Sandip

* I use Evo 2.0.2

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