Re: [Evolution] Re: Is it possible?

tis 2005-01-25 klockan 21:22 -0500 skrev JP Rosevear:
On Tue, 2005-01-25 at 19:32 -0600, Arnie Stender wrote:
Hello All,
    I have been running kmail on KDE for a while now on my FC3 server.
Recently I have run into a few what I would call "BUGS" for lack of a
better term so I decided to try out Evolution. I have been trying for
about a week now to get the saved mail from Kmail loaded into Evolution
and get it configured to pick up and send mail through my ISP. The last
time I tried Evolution was saying it picked up the mail but the inbox
was empty and the mail was gone from the POP server. I had heard it said
that both Kmail and Evolution would run under either GNOME or KDE but
when out of frustration I tried to run Evolution under GNOME instead of
KDE it started working fine. Is it true that Evolution needs to run
under GNOME to run properly or was it just a twist of fate that it
"happened" to start working when I ran it under GNOME? Inquiring minds
would like to know.

It sounds very much like a gconf issue.  It should work fine though.
Maybe the list (cc'ing the correct address) has some ideas.


Have run it under KDE for the last years problem so far.
However, my machine has Gnome installed as well.


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