[Evolution] Auto-expiring folders

Hi everybody!

I've been using Evolution for quite some time on my Fedora Core machine,
and I really love it! However, there's one feature that I'm missing - I
guess it's not there since I've read all the documentation and looked
through all available settings, but probably I've forgotten to look

What I'd really like to have is this: In KDE's KMail (which I used a
long time ago, before I switched to Evolution), you can set messages in
your mail folders to auto-expire. That is especially useful for folders
holding mailing lists: Just define that for your mailing-list folder,
messages older than a month should automatically be deleted whenever you
"purge" your mail folder. Now either manually purge the folder, or set
the program up so that it automatically does this every time it is
closed, and there you go: All messages that are older than the age you
specified automatically get deleted (ideally, there would be an option
on a message-by-message basis to exclude important or otherwise
interesting messages from being automatically removed, but I can't
remember if KMail has a feature like that).

I haven't found any "native" support for a feature like this in
Evolution - I can only imagine that it might be possible to do this
using normal mail-filters (on the other hand, these can not be applied
to whole folders natively, but only to (an) individual message(s),

Am I the only one who thinks that this would be a nice feature to have
in some future version of Evolution? Or does someone probably have an
idea how to get something like that to work in current versions? If so,
I'd be thrilled to hear about it. ;-)


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