Re: [Evolution] Evolution update install

distro == what linux distribution are you running? RedHat? Fedora? SuSE?
Debian? Mandrake? etc. The specs of your box aren't useful :)

Also, should keep this on-list since I'm not tech support and am not
very familiar with most of these linux distributions myself.


On Tue, 2005-01-11 at 11:42 -0500, Dennis McGee wrote:
Thanks Jeffrey. I am running a CPU Builders box, model 528L, with 256K
memory and an AMD XP 2700+ CPU. Though Linux is a very powerful &
attractive OS, it is fairly daunting to learn, but I am determined to
do so. I really want to know how to use the many features available,
starting with the command line software installation and file
management capabilities. 

Any assistance and guidance will be appreciated

Jeffrey Stedfast wrote: 
couple things:

- 2.0.3 is the latest
- it's probably easier to install prebuilt packages than to build the
tar.gz yourself :)

which distro are you running?

if you are running Fedora or something, I think there's a `yum` command
you can give and it will automagically install it for you.

Debian has something similar which would go something like `apt-get
install evolution`


On Sun, 2004-12-19 at 15:32, Dennis McGee wrote:
I am new to Linux. I have downloaded the Evolution 2.0.2 tar.gz 
compressed file. I have never installed software on a linux system. What 
steps should be taken  to install?

Any assistance is appreciated
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