Re: [Evolution] Help Interpreting an Error Message

You could try running evolution from a terminal with CAMEL_DEBUG=all set in the environment, and see what happens with the exchange with the pop server.

It sounds a bit to me like it might be lower-level though, is it using ssl?  No idea what patches ubuntu applies, i know debian applies enough that it is hard to support.

On Mon, 2005-01-10 at 14:51 -0800, Alfred B. Stansbury wrote:
I have just installed the Ubuntu Linux distro 4.1,
containing Evolution 2.0.2. It's running on an Ahtlon
2000+ machine.  I am new to both Linux and Evolution
but not to computing, networking or email in general.

I get the following error when Evolution attempts to
connect to one of my POP accounts.

Evolution Error is the window title. The contents are
"Error while Fetching Mail. Cannot get POP summary:
Operation now in progress". There is a click OK box
and when I do the window closes but nothing else

Any ideas what the cause of this error could be? Any
suggestions what to do about it?

I have checked and rechecked my login settings and
they are correct. 

TIA for your help.

Stan Stansbury

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