[Evolution] Scripting Evolution User Configuration

Hi All,

We are currently using Evolution 1.4 on Suse 9.1. We create our users using a Webmin module which creates the users account, home directory, IMAP folders etc, and can then run a script afterwards to do further user customization. Any suggestions on the best way of configuring Evolution user settings (SMTP,IMAP servers,LDAP addressbooks, etc) using a script. Evolution 1.4 doesn't appear to be able to use variables in its configuration files which might partially solve the problem (using $LOGNAME etc). I had a bit of a look at gconftool2 and seems like a possible solution. I found a sample script that can be set to run when a user logs in to setup their signature:


but gconftool2 doesn't appear to be able to configure a user's settings unless you are logged in as that user (please correct me if I am wrong). I don't really want to resort to modifying the Evolution config files using perl but it may be my only option. Some of the config files contain timestamps and encypted passwords so it might be pretty messy. I haven't managed to solve the dependeny issues with Evolution 2.x to get it running on Suse 9.1 (subject of a future posting?). Is a solution to my problem likely to be any better or worse with Evolution 2.x?


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